Lift Maintenance Newcastle: We are the best in the North East.

Our engineers are fully qualified and provide top level lift services across the North East of England.

Your lift is a vital asset for the efficient functioning of your building and business so it’s imperative you choose experienced experts to perform regular maintenance so that your lift doesn’t let you down.

MW Lifts provides a range of maintenance services, individually tailored for clients in all sectors, keeping businesses and buildings moving and operating at optimum levels.

Maintenance Contract for Lifts

We offer a small number of simple to understand Lift contracts to suit your budget whilst ensuring top level performance of your lift, our maintenance contracts are supported by our in house team of engineers and service administrators giving you peace of mind that cover is only a call away.

Lift Maintenance Regulations

Regulations are put in place for very good reason, for the protection and safety of any responsible lift user. We continually monitor Lift Regulations to make sure we are always working in the interest of our clients and keeping up to date with the fast moving sector of lifts and escalators.

Lift Servicing

A lift service is a straight forward procedure when carried out by the professionals!

It generally involves lubrication of your lift, adjusting settings and a lot of visual inspection of the product. After each and every lift service our fully trained lift engineers will provide a report of what has been done and make any recommendations based on our visit.  Be sure that we are thorough in our work and we do not miss a trick when it comes to lift servicing for our local clients.

an extremely cost effective strategy

Lift maintenance isn’t just required by law, it’s an extremely cost effective strategy that helps insure against costly repairs – never mind all the knock-on costs accrued and business lost because a lift is ‘out-of-order’.

Our Lift Maintenance Services are tailor made to your specific requirements and you’ll benefit from key features including:

  • low cost servicing
  • regular maintenance – one-off visits to monthly visits
  • status updates on your lift’s operating ‘health’
  • analysis and early diagnosis to prevent potential problems
  • minimal disruption by attending at a time that suits you

Our expert lift engineers are specialists with extensive experience and arrive with full technical back-up assistance to make sure any problems are quickly resolved.

They are fully equipped to deal with all makes and models of lifts including:

  • Dumbwaiters
  • Goods Lift
  • Passenger Lift
  • Service Lift
  • Platform Lift
  • Trolley Lift

Get a Newcastle Lift Maintenance company on board!

Eventually even the best maintained lifts need modernising and MW Lift Services can advise on your best options and deliver the results you expect from experts at every stage – from planning and undertaking lift rip-outs and decommissioning through to full installation of new lifts.

So don’t delay – contact MW Lifts today for a free no obligation quote – Enquire online or call FREE on 0800 8044 932

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