Lift Modernisation could be the answer to your lift problems

A range of low cost solutions to remedy poorly performing lifts

MW Lifts engineers can perform detailed surveys and can provide a comprehensive range of lift modernisation and refurbishment packages for all makes and models of lifts. Modernisation of your lift could be THE most cost effective solution for your poorly performing lifts.

Signs that your lift needs modernisation

  • Customer complaints
  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Noisy
  • Poor floor levelling
  • Harsh stopping

MW Lifts offer modernisation packages whereby obsolete components are replaced with their modern equivalent. In many cases a partial modernisation, or simply an upgrade, can solve many of the problems associated with an older lift and help to reinstate passenger and visitor confidence.

Modernisations can save on the upheaval of disruption to your building or business. We can also plan your modernisation work with you to harmonise with periods of low occupancy, to avoid inconvenience for lift passengers and your business.

Ensure your lift complies with all regulations and current standards with our modernisation packages.

So don’t delay – contact MW Lifts today for a free no obligation quote – Enquire online or call FREE on 0800 8044 932