Prevent any hiccups with you restaurant’s service lift

Bespoke lifts to complement your restaurant’s aesthetic – at incredibly competitive prices

You’ve worked hard to create a special ambiance and bespoke atmosphere to fully complement your diners’ experience, so don’t let your diners down by having your restaurant’s service lifts fail when you need them most.

MW Lifts can supply and install the perfect passenger lifts that fit your restaurant’s design and aesthetic to create the perfect first impression on your guests and diners. And that’s just for starters.
Our lift engineers make sure your diners get to their table without any hiccups, that the food from the kitchen is still hot on arrival and that your restaurant is fully stocked. We ensure your staff are fully mobile and equipped to cater for the most demanding sittings and discerning diners.

Our expert engineers are highly experienced and qualified to service, repair, install and maintain all kinds of restaurant lifts including:

  • Dumbwaiters
  • Service Lifts
  • Goods Lifts
  • Platform Lifts
  • Passenger Lifts
  • Wheelchair platforms
  • Trolley Lifts

If you are modernising or renovating your restaurant, be sure to contact MW Lifts and find out the very best solutions for your very specific lift requirements.
Be that the removal and decommissioning of an existing lift, through to full installation of a brand new lift that’s tailored specifically for your restaurant and harmonised to work seamlessly with your interior design. It won’t just look good; it will function brilliantly and deliver on all the levels expected.

Comprehensive lift service catering to all your restaurant's needs

We can ensure your restaurant is accessible for all, with lifts designed for wheelchair users.

All work is undertaken at a time that works for you and your restaurant, causing minimal disruption to your diners and business operations.

MW Lifts provide and deliver a bespoke solution tailored to your restaurant’s specific needs and exacting criteria and some of our key services include:

  • Maintenance Contracts – to keep your restaurant’s lift in optimum condition utilise our low cost fully comprehensive or standard maintenance contracts. We work around your schedule with early morning times available to minimise disruption. Lift maintenance is required by law, so entrust yours to the experts.
  • Breakdown Cover – an urgent response to breakdowns and emergency repairs ensures your restaurant’s lift will be fully operational as fast as possible – we aim to respond to ALL calls within the hour and provide a 24-7 service everyday of the year so your diners won’t have to go hungry with MW Lifts’ rapid response.
  • Repair Service – our lift engineers arrive armed with full technical back-up assistance to diagnose and resolve problems quickly and restore full functioning to your restaurant’s lift.
  • Removal & Decommissioning – even well maintained lifts eventually need modernising and MW Lifts’ experienced and expert engineers ensure the removal and replacement is tailored specifically to your restaurant, causing minimal disturbance and inconvenience throughout the process.
  • New Installations – Complete Lift Service and Products – whatever your restaurant’s requirements, MW Lifts’ are fully equipped to consult and install all types of passenger, platform, service lifts, dumbwaiters and more. We provide bespoke options for electric traction and hydraulics systems to ensure your new lift is optimised to maximise its functioning and offer a comprehensive range of designs to complement your restaurant’s aesthetic.

So don’t delay – contact MW Lifts today for a free no obligation quote – Enquire online or call FREE on 0800 8044 932