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MW Lift Services’ BAPE collab transforms London flagship store

At MW Lift Services, we’re thrilled to share an exciting collaboration with the iconic BAPE brand, which has resulted in the stunning transformation of their flagship store on Conduit St, London.

Our installation of a new IMEM Compact was just the beginning. BAPE brought their unique touch by customising the interior, making this project a true collaboration in style and innovation.

MW Lift Services Joins Forces with BAPE

We have a long-standing commitment to excellence in lift installation and maintenance. When BAPE approached us for assistance in elevating their London flagship store, we were eager to be part of this unique project.

A Stylish Partnership: Elevator Meets Streetwear

The heart of this collaboration lies in the transformative powers of an MW Lift Services installation. Our expertise in lifts ensured that the store’s vertical transportation met the highest standard of safety and reliability, all while blending seamlessly into BAPE’s distinctive style.

The BAPE Collab: Elevating Beyond Expectations

But the collaboration continued. BAPE took our lift as a canvas and added their touch with custom carpeting and interior design. 

The result? A store interior that’s not just stylish but genuinely one-of-a-kind, combining the best of both worlds.

Why This Matters

In the world of retail, where every detail counts, this project showcases how lifts can be more than just functional elements; they can become part of the brand experience. The MW Lift Services and BAPE collaboration is a testament to the power of innovation, design, and partnership.

We are proud to have been part of this project with BAPE. It’s not just about lifts; it’s about advancing the shopping experience to new heights. Visit BAPE’s flagship store on Conduit St, London, to witness this unique collaboration between craftsmanship and style.

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