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MW Lifts are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Service and Goods Lifts.

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MW Service and Goods Lifts

Service and Goods lifts are designed to be robust and built for moving various loads in commercial environments, our lift range is ready to move between 50kg and 2000kg in capacity and is German-built to precision standards. Smaller capacity lifts are often referred to as dumbwaiters and can be fitted with lighting and even heated shelving.

Service and Goods Lift Features

  • From 50kg dumbwaiters, up to 2000kg Goods lifting capacity
  • Galvanised steel structure
  • Can be fixed into a shaft or against a structural wall
  • Galvanised steel car
  • Galvanised steel hinged door (Single on 300kg or Double on 500kg models)
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Up to 6 Floors or 12m travel


  • Single or Through entry
  • 3 Phase drive unit

300kg Model Car Dimensions

  • Width 600mm (min) / 1000mm (max)
  • Depth 800mm (min) / 1000mm (max)
  • Height 1300mm (min) / 2000mm (max)

500kg Model Car Dimensions

  • Width 800mm (min) / 1200mm (max)
  • Depth 1100mm (min) / 1500mm (max)
  • Height 1300mm (min) / 2000mm (max)


All our Goods lifts are supplied with a 12-month warranty as standard, and we offer a range of lift servicing and lift maintenance options for your peace of mind as part of a standard or comprehensive service contract.

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