Modernising elevators

Lifts are machines and over time become outdated by technological advancements and mechanical innovation. We offer a free initial assessment to look at your lift and advise on possible modernisation options.


MW Lift Services are up to date with all modern options to upgrade your lift and bring it into the 21st century. If you feel your lift needs to be upgraded we are ready to provide our lift modernisation services.

improved performance

Many older lifts are poor performers on both safety and energy efficiency, our approach to improving your lift will ensure it is more efficient and guaranteed a reduction in down-time.

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LIFT modernisation

Lift Modernisation is one of our core services, this covers mechanical upgrades as well as lift cabin modernisation. 

type of lifts we modernise

We have a multi-skilled modernisation lift team and can update most lifts. Including the following:

  • Passenger Lifts
  • Goods Lifts
  • Platform Lifts
  • Car Lifts
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Other types of Lift Modernisation

replace or modernise

Not all older lifts should be replaced or need to be replaced; this is when lift modernisation is the correct solution.

Well-maintained lift products often last decades. However, as time moves on, so does safety and lift regulations. Therefore, many older lifts require modernisation to meet current-day legislation.

In most cases, lifts are eligible for modernisation. Before we suggest a replacement, we will suggest modernisation to extend the life span of the older elevator. With this in mind, the life span of older lifts can be extended by years or several decades, depending on the extent of modernisation work involved.  

3 reasons to modernise

    1. Improved Lift Performance – Lifts brought up to date electrically and mechanically perform more optimally, reduce energy costs & reduce safety risks.
    2.  Lower Repair Costs – It is much cheaper to repair a modernised lift, as getting obsolete parts is either very expensive or sometimes impossible.
    3.  Added Value – If the lift is situated in public view, a more modern lift brings both aesthetic and performance value, like any environment sometimes a lift needs a makeover and MW Lift Services are well prepared for new lift interior works or mechanical overhauls.

our accreditations

MW Lift Services is a UK Leading Lift Maintenance specialist offering Lift Servicing, Lift Repairs and proven experts in Lift Modernisation. Here’s just a small selection of people we work with.

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