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Wherever goods need to be transported between floors, the BKG range of Goods Only Lifts offers the ideal answer. Each lift is tailored to meet the most exacting of requirements and each lift is built specifically to match customers’ needs.

BKG’s Goods Only Lifts range from the 300kg and 500kg capacity Bespoke Goods Lifts, to the 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg and 2000kg Goodsmovers. They come with heavy duty single or double hinged landing doors (dependent on car size) which can be complemented with either drop-bar or lattice gate protection to the car with an EN81-58 2 hour fire rated concertina shutter landing door available as an option. 

In most cases, the drive unit is fixed at the top of the structure with a chain drive arrangement, however in applications where low headroom is a problem, top or bottom side located drum drive variants are available.

All BKG Goods Only Lifts come with their own galvanized steel structure and are built to a standard specification. Conventional models come complete with a machine access door. Capacity, travel, speed, number of stops, car dimensions, entrance type, finishes etc can all be varied to customise the lift to match the site requirements.

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