Very professional and responsive.  Pleasure to work with.

Inga Gadisauskaite


It was a pleasure to work with MW Lift Services, who were commissioned to renovate and bring back to service an old lift in a historic listed building in the Quayside of Newcastle upon Tyne. This was a challenging point, the work required co-ordinating the works with a range of other professionals as well as obtaining bespoke parts that were made to special order. 

MW Lifts completed the works in a timely manner, very smoothly and professionally.  MW Lifts were also the best value of several quotes that were obtained for this work from leading competitors. We were so happy with the work we have taken a regular maintenance contract out with MW Lifts. I would recommended this firm without hesitation.

Balaji Dorani


This team of lift engineers are an absolute pleasure to work with. They provide an excellent service which is efficient and reliable, whilst being very reasonably priced. When you call them they always answer promptly which is exactly what you want in an emergency situation. 

They always provide a solution to any problems we have had and have never let us down. I have referred them extra work from my own personal experience and I know that they have also provided excellent service to others that I have referred. Don’t look anywhere else for your lift engineering team!!

Mick Renshaw


A company which pride themselves on great response times and communication which is essential within the lift business, both of which have been delivered for my business.

Austin Gibbons


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